Emblem Vault Update: Jan 2021

Emblem Vault Update: Jan 2021

Emblem Vault Update: Jan 2021

We have been steadily making enhancements to Emblem.finance since our launch. We will discuss a few of these new features below.

The Emblem Vault backend has been completely rewritten for speed and reliability. Our Backend API can be found here

Original Post: January 13th, 2021

Store Encrypted Data inside Vaults

Since the inception of Emblem Vault we have had requests for the ability to store data within a vault. This opens up a handful of interesting use-cases.

— Vault containing “Stored Value” such as a StarBucks gift card.
— Vault containing “Software keys” such as windows key
— Vault containing “Coupon Code” used to order physical goods.

At creation time, a key and value can be added to a vault
The encrypted data is only available upon claiming of a vault

Vault Search

NFT’s are much more fun if you can browse, search and discover NFT’s made by others. We have created an advanced search feature within Emblem.finance to allow searching.

New search feature allows discovery of other vaults.

Search allows for searching on a few different aspects of a vault.

— Token ID
— Name
— Description
— Addresses contained within
— Image location

Using search we have some fun potential searches. How about a vault that contains a specific BTC address , All vaults containing specific name.

Vaults now support Embeds

We have added support for embed url’s to be provided instead of an image. This opens up a huge opportunity to create some unique NFT’s. We have support for Audio Embed links as well as 3d and Animated / Interactive art.

Supported Audio Embeds: Audius, Bandcamp, Clyp, Soundcloud
Supported 3D Embeds: Sketchup, Sketchfab, Clara.io, My Mini Factory
Supported Interactive Embeds: Shadertoy

Interactive 3D NFT
Interactive ART NFT

The Future: On Chain Balance Checking

Any vaults created from today forward will store the Ethereum address contained within on the blockchain. This opens the possibility of things like Staking a vault, and having the staking contract calculate the value of the assets contained within. Imagine you fill a vault with LP tokens, and stake that vault, the staking contract can now offer you yield, based on the amount of value locked within.

The Future: NFT / NFT Trades

Coming soon: Search for Any NFT across every network and offer one of your NFT’s as a trade


We have partnered with Dark to include Emblem Vaults on their upcoming NFT Marketplace on Matic. Read more here

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