How to Unlock your Ordinals in an Emblem Vault

How to Unlock your Ordinals in an Emblem Vault

To unlock the vault and take ownership of your Ordinal on Bitcoin

Step 1: Scroll down and click “Unlock Vault”. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step 2: Click “Get Keys”. Then sign the transaction in your wallet. This does not cost anything.

Note: If your keys don’t display, refresh the web page and click “Get Keys” again and confirm it in your wallet again.

You can try this multiple times until the keys appear. Refreshing the page is a common fix.

Step 3: A large list of private keys will show. You need the mnemonic phrase listed at the top. Click on the words to copy it.

Step 4: Here’s how to import your ordinals into Xverse Wallet. It’s a web extension wallet and in this example we are using the Google Chrome extension.

Step 5: Click “Restore Wallet”. Go through the introduction screen and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 6: Paste the seed phrase that you copied from Emblem Vault and then click “Continue”.

Step 7: Enter a password and click “Continue”. Then confirm the password.

Step 8: If your Ordinal is not displaying then click on settings and then “Activate Ordinal NFTs”.

Step 9: Click on this icon to see your Ordinal.

Here’s how to import into Sparrow Wallet

Step 10: Click “File” and then click “Import Wallet”.

Step 11: Under Mnmenic Words (BIP39) click the drop-down arrow and select “Use 12 Words”.

Step 12: Paste in the words that you copied from the Emblem Vault. You can paste all of them at once and it will populate all 12 boxes. If you want you can enter a passphrase (be sure to not forget it). Then click “Discover Wallet”.

Step 13: Enter a name for the wallet and click “Create Wallet”.

Step 14: One more chance to enter a password.

Step 15: If you click on “UTXOs” you will see the Ordinal transaction.

Step 16: If nothing shows try toggling the network connection button in the bottom right hand corner.

Final tip — It’s a good idea to label your Ordinal so as to not get it confused with other Ordinals and transactions.

Now you have successfully imported your Ordinal from Emblem Vault to the Taproot-enabled Bitcoin Wallet of your choice!

If you’d like to learn more about Emblem Vault click on the links below:

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