Circuits of Value : 2021 Updates

Circuits of Value : 2021 Updates

Circuits of Value : 2021 Updates

Ongoing: We are working on most of our roadmap items in parallel and delivery of these milestones can happen out of order as opportunities are discovered. Our current effort is focusing heavily on fully decentralizing our infrastructure. Hosting our front end on IPFS, attaching an Unstoppable domain. Currently vault contents are calculated using direct API calls to blockchain explorers like Maticvigil, Etherscan, and more. While this is okay for now, we will move to using Chainlink for these calls. This move will be most beneficial for 2 reasons. By providing balances via Chainlink, other smart contracts can calculate the contents and value of vaults, and by placing this function on-chain, we no longer have to rely on hosting platforms such as google cloud for this data (Making it more decentralized)


  • Q1: Quickswap (Matic/Polygon Uniswap clone) LP Event
  • Q1: integration into Emblem Vault (Sending of vaults directly using social media logins)
  • Q2: Binance Smart Chain (Emblem Vault can quickly and easily support any EVM chain)
  • Q2: Emblem Vault Staking (Stake a vault receive rewards based on value inside)
  • Q2: Emblem Fuel Defi token (See here for ongoing work)
  • Q3: Secret Contract finalization
  • Q3: NFT 2 NFT Swap

Games: Rolling out February 2021: Social media games, Top community leader, Top Meme contests, etc

Partnerships: Dark/Deflect/Prism: After a few DeFi yield farming experiments we have collected some valuable statistics from $Coval holders who have participated in staking and yield farming pools. We will take this information to determine better staking combinations to provide a balanced economic model that will benefit both $Coval ecosystem as well as our partners.


  • Opensea Layer 2: We have finalized the process of becoming verified with opensea on Matic/Polygon, trading is expected to be live within a few weeks.
  • We will work closely with this team to enable an exciting feature not seen yet in NFT’s: The inclusion of “Embed” assets, this allows users to create 3d NFT’s, interactive NFT’s, music NFT’s


  • Various youtube producers will soon, or are in the process of featuring stories about $Coval and Emblem Vault. See latest video here
  • AMA’s Our goal is to participate in at least 1 AMA a month, these AMA’s will happen within Telegram trading groups, Discord groups and clubhouse


  • We will be releasing a community suggestion box (specifics TBD) where community members can vote, or suggest new features / chains to support.
  • ACOP (Asian Community Outreach Program) : With support from our Asian community leaders we are developing a more focused approach which includes outreach as well as translations.
  • Governance is a hot topic right now, we are exploring potential governance features to put the power in the hands of you, the users


  • Emblem Vault was designed as a way to collect funds into a wallet that can be transferred and utilized based on specific rules.
  • We will begin a few collection campaign’s to help with marketing, promotions, and exchange listings. Ask an admin for more details.

We will be seeking $1M by applying to the Secret Network Grant program to fund further development and marketing efforts. Details here

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