Discover, buy, and sell NFTs across blockchains

Trade your NFTs from Bitcoin, Namecoin, and many other blockchains across marketplaces

Emblem Vault NFT platform

Control NFTs across blockchains without a bridge!

Your NFTs inside an Ethereum NFT

“Emblem Vault's proprietary technology temporarily locks your NFT from any compatible blockchain inside a modern ERC-721 Ethereum NFT.

  • Trade Historical NFTs from any blockchain (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, & More)
  • Trade NFTs from any EVM based blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, & More
  • Unlock your NFT to it's original blockchain at any time
  • Sell to collectors on Ethereum marketplaces

Emblem Market POWERS:

Access to Liquid Markets

Find liquidity for your NFTs in the most liquid NFT markets in the world

Curated Collections

Historical NFTs and artists curation make collector discovery clear and simple

Historical NFT Visibility

Showcase and use non-Ethereum compatible NFTs across Marketplaces, Metaverse, Dapps, and Gaming applications

Trade Across Blockchains

Future utility enables you to trade your assets across multiple blockchains in their native token

Royalties Support

Artists and Historical NFTs collections empowered royalties

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How Emblem Vault Works


Lock Your NFT

Securely place your non-Ethereum NFT in Emblem Markets ERC-721 NFT


List Your NFT

Offer your NFT for sale on any Ethereum based marketplace


Unlock Your NFT

Return your NFT to it's native blockchain at any time.

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